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Candles, candles, candles! My house is filled with them – you can find one on almost every table top I own, and often times a few candles pile up around each other. I’m always on the hunt for a new scent or brand that I’m unfamiliar with. I was shopping at Marshalls and stumbled upon Bella J. Candles. At first glance I noticed the packaging of the candle. It came in a super cute square box that was decorated and boasted about a hidden jewel you would find within the candle. At a $1.99  steal (thanks Marshalls because normally these candles cost about $25), I thought, what did I have to lose? When I got home, I opened the box, and saw adorable black and white polka dot designs on the inside flaps. How cute is that!? I just love mixed prints! Additionally, on top of the candle, was a little square card that gave simple directions on how to find your hidden jewel and how to look up what your future charm means about you. (Did you know that some of their surprise jewels are valued up to $10,000?!)

After poking through the candle packaging and reading my new instructions, I set up my candle and the fun began, which of course was burning down my candle as fast as I could because I just had to see what my surprise jewel was. I was very pleased with the aroma the candle gave off – a perfect blend of all the citrus scents I loved, without being overly strong. Win-Win so far! When it was finally time to take the package out, the candle looked like this…

As you can see in the photo,  the majority of the foil package was poking out of the liquid wax, so I knew it was time to get my supplies ready and retrieve my surprise! All I needed was a pair a tweezers and a place to put the candle on top of.  I was careful to pick an item that I could easily throw away (white poster board) in case any wax droppings from removing the foil package fell on it (and you’ll see, that in fact,  did happen).  Once I had the package out, I let it cool before I opened it – it only took a couple of minutes to be safe to the touch.

The last step was my absolute favorite – finding out what jewel I had gotten!  I took a short video so you could enjoy the surprise with me.

I mean, how ADORABLE is my wishbone jewel!? (It means I’m ambitious and passionate!)  You know you are DYING to try out one of these candles, and luckily for you I snatched up TWO more of these Bella J. Main Squeeze candles that I am GIVING AWAY! Scroll down to read all the details on how to enter this contest to win a FREE Main Squeeze Bella J. Candle.


 Contest runs on Instagram from NOW until next Thursday, March 30th at 12 p.m. Two winners will be announced around 5 p.m. Eastern/Standard time on March 30th. Complete the first action step below to enter the Contest. Want more entries? Just simply check out the options in the additional entries action steps to have the chance to earn up to an additional 3 entries!

You Must Complete Step 1 

1.Follow me on Instagram by clicking here.  Then comment on the Bella J. Candle photo that you followed me.

Want to Earn Additional Entries? 

2. Tag 2 friends on this post in Instagram that might be interested in entering the contest.

3. Share this contest with the repost app and use the hashtag #giveawaymwp, then comment that you have done this on the post

4. Like this post.

 Good luck! xoxo

Winners Announced! Congrats to Ava and Alexsandra on Instagram! Can’t wait to hear all about your experience with these candles!

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