Glade Filter Fragrances to the Rescue!


Okay, let’s be honest. You just got to the house and you glance at the family schedule and you have company coming over in less than an hour and the house is a disaster! There is not much time to waste and you are trying to prevent your friends and a few neighbors from thinking you live in what looks like the local petting zoo. Truly you love those big dogs and wouldn’t part with them for any reason but that underlying doggy smell is sure to raise a few of your neighbors and gossipy friends’ eyebrows. What you need is a quick miracle that will not give the hint that you have just doused the entire house in your husband’s cologne. Enter Glade filter fragrances to the rescue! My favorite scent is Lavender and Vanilla, but they have many more options such as Cashmere Woods, Clean Linen Air, Hawaiian Breeze Air, and Apple Cinnamon Air to refresh the air and have the house smelling so fresh without that heavy strong odor that many household cleaners and air refreshers so often leave.  What I love most is that it’s fast and effective and easy to use. I just put 2-5 sprays in each filter then wait for the AC unit to kick on and it instantly leaves the entire house refreshed, odorless, and not overly strong. It’s perfect for giving that extra touch of a clean house. Now, I can concentrate on picking up things and organizing without the agony of what to do with that doggy dog smell!

Extra tip: I also have found that this works great if you are trying to sell your house to keep a fresh scent in your home, especially if you are selling a vacant house, as those can get pretty musty over time.

Just click on the links below to purchase any of the scents that Glade carries. You can also pick them up at your local Home Depot! Be sure to leave a comment letting me know how the product worked for you.

Lavender and Vanilla

Cashmere Wood

Clean Linen 

Hawaiian Breeze 

Apple Cinnamon



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