Skye + Dan’s Baby Shower and Surprise Engagement!

It was such an honor photographing Skye’s baby shower and surprise engagement a couple weeks ago. I met Skye through eating at a restaurant she worked out and we bonded over our pregnancies and then quickly became friends. One of her best friends that I also met at the same restaurant, Kristen, hired me to photograph the baby shower, but more importantly the surprise engagement that Skye had no clue was happening at the end of the gift opening. The shower was beautiful and bursted at the seams with all sorts of pink decorations, as Skye and Dan are expecting a baby girl in early March. Before the shower started, I stole the happy couple away to the back of the club house and found a fence with a lot of character, which happened to be a beautiful backdrop for their posed photos outside. We then enjoyed all the yummy shower food, played a few games, and then went on to the gift opening. As the gifts started dwindling down, I could see that Dan was getting more and more nervous, as he started talking a lot more as his moment was coming closer. When the time finally arrived, the area they were in kind of cleared out and Skye opened the most beautifully wrapped gift – a pretty white bag with a small decorative box inside that held the onesie that said “mommy will you marry daddy?”. The minute Skye saw it, she was in disbelief and then tears of joy started rolling down her face and without hesitation she said yes and the two embraced in one of the sweetest engagements I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. After Skye and Dan had some time to soak it in, they ended their baby shower with the most beautiful toast to love, life, and new starts. I can’t wait to watch this couple continue to grow with each other and to see them blossom into the amazing parents I know they will be!

His face here – so sweet!

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