Little Black Backpack

I’ve been meaning to share this perfect little black backpack that I scored at Target! I was looking for a bag that I could carry a few lens in that was more comfortable than my current shoulder camera bag. Although this bag is not made for photographers, it was the perfect size and had enough compartments for what I needed to use it for, so I bit the bullet and purchased it.

I’ve had the opportunity to use it a few times at shoots now, and I must say that I love it. Having weight evenly distributed on my back, versus on one shoulder has been a lifesaver. I also love that it just sits tight on my back and I don’t have to worry about this bag slinging from side to side like my old bag. There’s enough little pockets to carry my wallet, digital cards, 3 lenses, my camera, and a few other smaller items. I’ve also been using this backpack for just running around town for errands – it’s so versatile. Since I bought this backpack a little while ago, I couldn’t find the exact same one on the Target website, but here are some similar ones!

Women’s Solid Drawstring Backpack Faux Leather Handbag – Mossimo™

Women’s Mini Backpack Handbag with Zip Closure Black – Mossimo Supply Co.™

Women’s Solid Flap Backpack Black – Mossimo Supply Co.™

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Amanda + Joe | Spanish River HS Prom 2017

Prom! Oh boy was I so excited when I got the phone call to do some prom photos for Amanda and her boyfriend Joe before their big night at the Spanish River High School Prom. The prom was held at the Marriott right off Ocean Blvd. on Delray Beach so we took advantage of the location and shot photos right across the street on Delray Beach. The weather was perfect – a mix of clouds and sun and about 75 degrees out. Amanda looked absolutely gorgeous in her blue dress and Joe looked equally as dashing. There are just so many favorites of mine…Amanda and Joe – enjoy! xoxo

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Kisa Ibrahim | FAU High School 2017

Kisa’s senior session is one you do NOT want to miss out on! It is full of beautiful rompers, fresh florals, beautiful neutral backgrounds, and one stunning senior. Kisa and I met up at Mizner Park, an outside shopping plaza that has a variety of shops and restaurants. It was such a beautiful location for a photoshoot. Kisa brought her whole “entourage” of girlfriends with her to help with the posing, outfit changing, and just to make the session more fun for her. We spent a lot of time walking around, finding the perfect locations, and working hard to recreate some looks/poses that Kisa really wanted in her photos. It’s definitely one of my favorite sessions to date!

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Beach Please!

With temperatures getting warmer and Spring Break happening all over the country, it’s time to start thinking about some simple pieces to throw together to head to the beach. Whether you are just hanging out with friends, or going shopping on the boardwalk, this look won’t disappoint! Pair a bikini underneath and you are set to go!

Click here to find out where all these pieces came from!

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Bella J. Candles

Candles, candles, candles! My house is filled with them – you can find one on almost every table top I own, and often times a few candles pile up around each other. I’m always on the hunt for a new scent or brand that I’m unfamiliar with. I was shopping at Marshalls and stumbled upon Bella J. Candles. At first glance I noticed the packaging of the candle. It came in a super cute square box that was decorated and boasted about a hidden jewel you would find within the candle. At a $1.99  steal (thanks Marshalls because normally these candles cost about $25), I thought, what did I have to lose? When I got home, I opened the box, and saw adorable black and white polka dot designs on the inside flaps. How cute is that!? I just love mixed prints! Additionally, on top of the candle, was a little square card that gave simple directions on how to find your hidden jewel and how to look up what your future charm means about you. (Did you know that some of their surprise jewels are valued up to $10,000?!)

After poking through the candle packaging and reading my new instructions, I set up my candle and the fun began, which of course was burning down my candle as fast as I could because I just had to see what my surprise jewel was. I was very pleased with the aroma the candle gave off – a perfect blend of all the citrus scents I loved, without being overly strong. Win-Win so far! When it was finally time to take the package out, the candle looked like this…

As you can see in the photo,  the majority of the foil package was poking out of the liquid wax, so I knew it was time to get my supplies ready and retrieve my surprise! All I needed was a pair a tweezers and a place to put the candle on top of.  I was careful to pick an item that I could easily throw away (white poster board) in case any wax droppings from removing the foil package fell on it (and you’ll see, that in fact,  did happen).  Once I had the package out, I let it cool before I opened it – it only took a couple of minutes to be safe to the touch.

The last step was my absolute favorite – finding out what jewel I had gotten!  I took a short video so you could enjoy the surprise with me.

I mean, how ADORABLE is my wishbone jewel!? (It means I’m ambitious and passionate!)  You know you are DYING to try out one of these candles, and luckily for you I snatched up TWO more of these Bella J. Main Squeeze candles that I am GIVING AWAY! Scroll down to read all the details on how to enter this contest to win a FREE Main Squeeze Bella J. Candle.


 Contest runs on Instagram from NOW until next Thursday, March 30th at 12 p.m. Two winners will be announced around 5 p.m. Eastern/Standard time on March 30th. Complete the first action step below to enter the Contest. Want more entries? Just simply check out the options in the additional entries action steps to have the chance to earn up to an additional 3 entries!

You Must Complete Step 1 

1.Follow me on Instagram by clicking here.  Then comment on the Bella J. Candle photo that you followed me.

Want to Earn Additional Entries? 

2. Tag 2 friends on this post in Instagram that might be interested in entering the contest.

3. Share this contest with the repost app and use the hashtag #giveawaymwp, then comment that you have done this on the post

4. Like this post.

 Good luck! xoxo

Winners Announced! Congrats to Ava and Alexsandra on Instagram! Can’t wait to hear all about your experience with these candles!

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Floral Spring Vibes

Welcome to Wardrobe Wednesdays, Fashion Fridays, and Stylish Sundays! You can find me posting new outfit inspiration any of these days, so be sure to check back often if you need a little help planning your wardrobe.

With a brand new season – S P R I N G – comes brand new trends. One particular item that seems to be really trending is shirts with the shoulder cut out, and I have to admit, I love these shirts. They are perfect combination of sweet and sexy, without showing off too much skin. I paired the floral shirt with distressed jeans (another current trend) with some staples that never seem to go out of style! If you want to see where all of these pieces come from, be sure to click on the link below to visit my Polyvore site and grab what pieces you love, or the entire look!


Click here to get all the details on this beautiful look!

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Courtney Hart | Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS 2017

I’m SO excited to share Courtney’s senior session. Courtney is one of my beautiful spokesmodels and is graduating this year from Stoneman Douglas High School. She was so easy going throughout her session and let me stylize a portion of it with some glittery dresses I found at Ross…and let me tell you, I found these dresses for such a bargain there! We photographed in a few different areas of Delray Beach – a nearby nature center, boardwalk, and then eventually leading up to the beautiful boats on the beach Courtney absolutely loved. Courtney’s mom had a blast lounging at the beach, while Courtney’s best friend swooped in and became my personal assistant the whole time and worked my reflector like a pro! (Go Carly!)

Courtney also opted to use a professional make up artist that I outsourced for the session. Ali Kellet with Eventful Looks made Courtney absolutely radiate throughout the entire session, which lasted about 2.5-3 hours. I would love to chat with any of you that are on the fence about whether or not to get your make up professionally applied for a photoshoot – trust me, it’s totally worth it!

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Abril Gonzalez | West Boca HS 2018

When I moved to Florida, I was just dying to photograph a session at the beach after all those desert months in Arizona. I hustled hard when I moved here and found some spokesmodels for my senior program and Abril was the very first to jump on board and join my spokesmodels team! She was my very first session in Florida, and I’m so glad that she was. I met Abril and her mom at one of the Boca beaches and we incorporated her love of the beach and passion for dance into her session and I just love how these turned out. We had so much fun at the session and have been snapchat buddies ever since!

How adorable is this lace swim coverup from Boca’s local boutique shop Shusha Boutique

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Glade Filter Fragrances to the Rescue!


Okay, let’s be honest. You just got to the house and you glance at the family schedule and you have company coming over in less than an hour and the house is a disaster! There is not much time to waste and you are trying to prevent your friends and a few neighbors from thinking you live in what looks like the local petting zoo. Truly you love those big dogs and wouldn’t part with them for any reason but that underlying doggy smell is sure to raise a few of your neighbors and gossipy friends’ eyebrows. What you need is a quick miracle that will not give the hint that you have just doused the entire house in your husband’s cologne. Enter Glade filter fragrances to the rescue! My favorite scent is Lavender and Vanilla, but they have many more options such as Cashmere Woods, Clean Linen Air, Hawaiian Breeze Air, and Apple Cinnamon Air to refresh the air and have the house smelling so fresh without that heavy strong odor that many household cleaners and air refreshers so often leave.  What I love most is that it’s fast and effective and easy to use. I just put 2-5 sprays in each filter then wait for the AC unit to kick on and it instantly leaves the entire house refreshed, odorless, and not overly strong. It’s perfect for giving that extra touch of a clean house. Now, I can concentrate on picking up things and organizing without the agony of what to do with that doggy dog smell!

Extra tip: I also have found that this works great if you are trying to sell your house to keep a fresh scent in your home, especially if you are selling a vacant house, as those can get pretty musty over time.

Just click on the links below to purchase any of the scents that Glade carries. You can also pick them up at your local Home Depot! Be sure to leave a comment letting me know how the product worked for you.

Lavender and Vanilla

Cashmere Wood

Clean Linen 

Hawaiian Breeze 

Apple Cinnamon



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